A Lot of Eggs to Crack: Roast & Toast Provides Breakfast to Michigan Wolverines

28 Jul

A Lot of Eggs to Crack: Roast & Toast Provides Breakfast to Michigan Wolverines

As part of the University of Michigan football program, student-athletes are traveling around the state of Michigan this summer for educational and experiential learning opportunities. The one-week adventure includes stops in Flint, Grand Rapids, Traverse City, Mackinaw City, and more. And, this year, Petoskey was on the tour with Roast & Toast as part of the itinerary, among other northern Michigan business friends and neighbors like Parkside Deli, Toski Sands and Tillie’s Tafel.



“We were thrilled to be asked to cater the Michigan Wolverine’s breakfast during their Petoskey stop,” shares Anna Waldron, Roast & Toast Kitchen Manager. The Roast & Toast team was all-hands-on-deck. “Everyone did a great job coming together and making it happen, all while serving our everyday customers.”

Roast & Toast prepared 220 breakfast sandwiches and 150 housemade muffins for the football team. “That’s a lot of eggs to crack,” expresses Roast & Toast Partner Mary Keedy.

Roast & Toast is no stranger to catering. “Whether it’s a post-wedding breakfast with muffins, scones and house-roasted coffee, a family picnic with salads and smoothies, or a healthcare meeting at a physician’s office with soup and sandwiches, we offer a great variety of options for big and small groups,” Waldron explains. As part of Wineguys Restaurant Group, Roast & Toast also collaborates with sister restaurants Palette Bistro and City Park Grill to provide a full catering experience through Wineguys Catering. Weddings, rehearsal dinners, family reunions, corporate events benefit from a combination of each restaurant’s best features.

For more information about Roast & Toast catering, visit or call 231.347-7767. More about Wineguys Catering can also be found online at


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