Celebrating Earth Day

22 Apr

Celebrating Earth Day

Earth Conscious, Even in Changing Times

Earth Day is celebrated worldwide on April 22. The idea for this day at its inception in 1970 was to demonstrate support for environmental protection. Now, nearly 50 years later, 193 countries participate each year. Here in northern Michigan, Wineguys Restaurant Group, owners of City Park Grill, Roast & Toast, and Palette Bistro, have maintained significant recycling even during the COVID-19 pandemic.

‘Even with these changing times,” shares Bob Keedy, Wineguys Restaurant Group partner, “we have continued to maintain our focused recycling efforts.” With mixed container bins, plus paper, box and bag bins, each restaurant works diligently to decrease its environmental footprint. In 2018 alone, City Park Grill recycled 60,000 gallons. Roast & Toast recycled roughly 50,000 gallons. And, Palette Bistro recycled 30,000 gallons. Pretty impressive numbers for one year, wouldn’t you agree? (For 2019, figures are anticipated to be significantly higher, though have not been calculated and released to date.)

In coordination with Emmet County Recycling, a food scrap collection program was started at City Park Grill and Roast & Toast in 2015. During a four-year period, City Park Grill has diverted over 50,000 pounds of food scrap from landfill and Roast & Toast produced over 25,000 gallons of compost for the community. Palette Bistro added nearly 12,000 gallons to the commercial food scrap collection program in 2018.

What happens to these food scraps? Scraps are turned into Emmet County’s Homegrown Compost, available for purchase at the recycling center. (Those interested should contact Emmet County for current pick-up options at 231.348.0640.) According to Emmet County Recycling “Between raised garden beds, hoop houses, container gardening, landscaping in and around buildings, planting trees and bushes and re-seeding of lawns, our compost has no limitations to its usage and is far better at growing and sustaining plant life than topsoil.”

In 2018, the Emmet County commercial food scrap collection program reached one million pounds of food scraps diverted from landfill for composting. That’s a lot of recycling!

Don’t forget about all of the cardboard, a huge part of Wineguys Restaurant Group recycled products. With regular cardboard collection, Wineguys restaurants are determined to make a difference and reduce their carbon footprint.

“We are proud of our recycling efforts and continue to embrace areas to reduce our environmental impact every year,” explains Keedy. “In the past two years, for example, we’ve diverted over 25,000 plastic straws from landfills simply by converting to paper straws at Palette Bistro, and we updated Roast & Toast take-out cups to a 100% recyclable paper material. These are only two of our initiatives.”

Stay safe, friends. Stay home. And, keep drinking coffee.

For more information about Wineguys Restaurant Group, click to see the full website or call 231.347.0101.

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