Mary Taylor Wine Dinner at Palette Bistro

7 Mar

Mary Taylor Wine Dinner at Palette Bistro


Mary Taylor Wine Dinner

Thursday, May 4 | 6:30pm


Indulge in Palette Bistro’s “Mary Taylor Wines” five-course wine dinner, prepared by Daniel Travis, Chef de Cuisine, with featured entrees: Scallop Crudo & Fritto Misto, Goat Cheese Tart, Lamb & Vegetable Kebab, Smoked Duck and Crepe Cake. Special guest, Mary Taylor of Mary Taylor Wine will guide guests through four perfectly paired wines from her label

Mary Taylor Wine History:

According to the Mary Taylor Wine website Mary Taylor has worked with European wines for over two decades. Mary first fell in love with Wine in the 1990’s selling French and Italian wines in NY wine auctions and then as a merchant. She then moved to Burgundy where she fell in love with and “cemented her understanding of wine as a liquid form of culture.” The Mary Taylor Wine label focuses on the “wine of place” in the ““Old World” way— not as a luxury good reserved for special occasions, but a living agricultural product that belongs to everyday life.” MTW believes that the name of the grape only provides part of the story and that the “terroir”/sense of place is the “missing key.” Mary Taylor Wine is sourced from some of Europe’s most classic regions by independent artisan growers, making a luxury wine experience accessible to everyday life.


Five Courses, Four Wines


$78/person (+ tax + gratuity = $98.28)

Reservations Required | CLICK to Reserve

For additional details, call 231.348.3321


Scallop Crudo & Fritto Misto

ginger citrus, lemon aioli, sweet chili

Gaillac 2020


Goat Cheese Tart

cherry vinaigrette, red onion jam, toasted almond, blackberry

Valençay 2020


Lamb & Vegetable Kebab

peppers, onions, potato, zucchini, tahini red wine puree, tzatziki, pita

Costiere de Nimes 2020


Smoked Duck

cherry bordelaise, mushroom, goat cheese potato croquette

Navarra 2020 vs Cahors 2018


Crepe Cake

crème anglaise, raspberry

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