Fresh Coffee is the BEST Coffee

17 Apr

Fresh Coffee is the BEST Coffee

Tell Roast & Toast What You Love

Coffee is a morning home-stay staple for nearly every adult (and many teens). For some, purchasing coffee at the local grocery store is convenient and common. What few understand is the difference between fresh-roasted and shelf-stable coffee. Roast date is one of the most important things to consider, and most shelf-stable coffees found at the grocery store far exceed the two-week freshness mark. “Coffee begins to lose flavor after two weeks,” explains Mary Keedy, Roast & Toast Partner. “That’s why we never sell or brew coffee more than two weeks old.”

“We love coffee, the fresher the better, but our business model has changed, as you know,” explains Roast & Toast General Manager Ben Walker. Because it has become impractical to roast large amounts and varieties of beans during this time, Roast & Toast is asking customers to vote for their favorites. “We’re looking forward to hearing from our loyal customers about the coffees they love, so we can roast what people are craving.” Roast & Toast will also offer one “roaster’s choice” per week as well — this week, it’s Brazil.

A virtual vote will take place on Fridays for the next few weeks on Facebook. The most popular, winning coffee will be announced in Roast & Toast’s Monday enews and freshly roasted within the next week. Coffee, both ground and whole bean, is always available by the pound for pick-up, curbside delivery, and mail order at or by calling 231.347.7767.

Roast & Toast has been roasting and brewing some of the finest coffee since 1993, embracing the philosophy that “great coffee doesn’t just happen.” Using carefully selected beans from around the world, SCA-trained Roast & Toast roasters, Hillary Davis and Mariah Becker, roast according to bean profile, create blends, and conduct small batch techniques to maintain coffee flavor and freshness from the downtown Petoskey location.

Any coffee inventory roasted over two weeks prior is donated to Brother Dan’s Food Pantry in Petoskey – just one of Roast & Toast’s community-minded, philanthropic efforts.

“By now, we have all become accustomed to significant changes in our daily lives,” Keedy shares. “We are tremendously grateful for the outpouring of support from our loyal customers, and we’re hoping that freshly roasted coffee helps to makes these days a bit brighter.”

Stay safe, friends. Stay home. And, keep drinking coffee.


Coffee Contenders for the April 17-18 Vote include:


  • Farm: various smallholder farmers
  • Altitude: 1,800 – 2,300
  • Processing method: washed
  • The bean: Kichwa Tempo, meaning “ elephant head” in Swahili, marking the strength in the cup. This signature bean is a classic, hardworking Kenyan profile with citrus fruit, like grapefruit; it’s bright and tangy acidity with balanced sweetness and the complexity expected from a Kenyan coffee.
  • The cup: Rich and sugary with logs of juicy acidity and a heavy mountain complex caramelized and sugar notes with tamarind, sugar cane juice and citrus acidity


  • The bean: From Arabica cherries, referring to dry-processed coffees of India. Following the grading process, this coffee is transported to Mangalore for monsooning, where harvested coffee seeds “are exposed to the monsoon rain and winds for a period of about three to four months, causing the beans to swell and lose the original acidity, resulting in a flavor profile with a practically neutral pH balance.”
  • The cup: This ever-popular coffee possesses a unique, mellow flavor with chocolate and earthly overtones.
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