Giving Back is (and always has been) Part of Wineguys Restaurant Group

11 Jun

Giving Back is (and always has been) Part of Wineguys Restaurant Group

PETOSKEY, MICHIGAN — JUNE 2021 — A tradition for many years, Wineguys Restaurant Group (owners of City Park Grill, Palette Bistro, Roast & Toast and Wineguys Catering in Petoskey) hosts Eating for Others in the month of May. This year, Wineguys added a little twist to the tradition.

From soup and coffee donations to Brother Dan’s Food Pantry, to supporting local non-profit organizations, “giving back to the community is just a part of who we are as a company,” shares Wineguys Restaurant Group partner Bob Keedy. “After cancelling dates in 2020 due to COVID, we were excited to reinitiate our charitable events.”

On May 19, Roast & Toast (part of the Wineguys restaurant family) collected 10% of sales at both the downtown and McLaren Northern Michigan location to benefit Groundwork Center for Resilient Communities. A check for $700 was presented to Groundwork last week. “We were thrilled to see so many residents come out to support this worthy organization,” shares Wineguys partner Mary Keedy.

Groundwork focuses on locally based solutions that create a clean environment, strong economy and healthy community. Programs include climate and clean energy projects, farm-to-school support and community design. Consistently, the Wineguys Restaurant Group business model emphasizes minimizing carbon footprint while supporting the community at large. “We planned our business model to co-exist with our environmental commitment,” Mary continues. (For more about Groundwork, visit

Likewise, “We (Roast & Toast) want to do whatever we can to accommodate our patrons while minimizing environmental impact and supporting our community,” adds Mary.[/vc_column_text]

Pictured left to right: Jennifer Schapp, Groundwork Local Food Policy Specialist; Casey Haggerty, Groundwork Representative; Ben Walker, Roast & Toast General Manager and Wineguys Partner.

In lieu of a weekday dine-in event at City Park Grill and Palette Bistro, “Our team wanted to recognize a community group directly,” explains Patrick Faylor, City Park Grill General Manager and Wineguys partner. “We decided to honor McLaren Northern Michigan hospital nurses.” A $25 coupon was presented to each hospital nurse (that’s over 500 nurses) to use for lunch or dinner at City Park Grill and Palette Bistro in May. “We were thrilled that hundreds of coupons were redeemed! And, it was great to see so many nurses out enjoying some well-deserved R&R.”

“What an amazing gesture from Wineguys Restaurant Group, especially during National Nurses Month,” shares Jennifer Woods, Vice President of Patient Care Services & Chief Nursing Officer at McLaren Northern Michigan. “This generosity is yet another example of how a very influential member of our business community recognizes how dedicated and committed our nurses are to northern Michigan patients.”

Pictured left to right: Toni Moriarty-Smith, MSN/ED, RN, NE-BC; Sherri Engler, RN, BSN, CCRN; and Kathi St. Pierre, BSN, RN.

For more information about Wineguys Restaurant Group, visit or call 231.347.0101. Information about Groundwork can be found at

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