Wineguys Opens Chinese Kitchen

15 Dec

Wineguys Opens Chinese Kitchen

Chinese-centric Cuisine: A New Venture for Wineguys Restaurant Group

Amid the ever-changing restaurant environment of 2020, Wineguys Restaurant Group is pleased to introduce Lu Bian. With a focus on Chinese-centric Cuisine, Lu Bian will offer curbside delivery of classic favorites with a Wineguys flare.

“Throughout the autumn season, we tested several new menu offerings at City Park Grill and Palette Bistro. Several became regularly requested, so these have made the cut,” shares Wineguys Restaurant Group partner Joe Keedy. “General Tso’s Chicken, for example, is Executive Chef John Norman’s twist on traditional sweet and sour chicken. And, we’re excited to share other housemade dishes.

Lu Bian opens in conjunction with the Great Petoskey Take Out Week on Wednesday, December 16. Unlike other Wineguys restaurants, Lu Bian will only be available for Curbside Delivery, complete with chopsticks and fortune cookies.

Guests can order ahead by calling 231.347-0101 or ONLINE at Pick-up will be a 432 E Lake Street (the City Park Grill location, downtown Petoskey).

“With families continuing to enjoy the take-out experience,” Keedy adds, “we are looking forward to providing the area with new dining experience.”




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