Palette Bistro’s Acorn Squash

20 Nov

Palette Bistro’s Acorn Squash


As published in Northern Express, Nov 20, 2021 by Anna Faller

Known for its casual-upscale vibe and built on a foundation of Mediterranean flavor, Palette Bistro’s ever-evolving menu of small plates, brick-oven offerings, and locally sourced ingredients has made the place an Up North foodie find since the region’s Wineguys Restaurant Group opened it in 2010.

Our latest favorite: Palette’s autumn acorn squash. Halved, seeded, roasted, and then upturned like a bowl, the squash is filled with a heaping, harvest mix of apple and onion, brown rice, quinoa, and Merguez — a spicy, Algerian sausage that brings a beautifully balanced bite to the sweet apples and earthy grains. From there, the overflowing squash is drizzled in Fustini’s Harissa olive oil, finished with a delicate Gruyere “tuile” (aka French wafer) and served atop a smear of curried apple and carrot puree.

Thank you Northern Express for spreading the word about Palette Bistros‘ Acorn Squash. Great Article.

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