Preparedness & Response Plan – December 2020 Update

15 Dec

Preparedness & Response Plan – December 2020 Update

Wineguys Restaurant Group

Maintains Full COVID-19
Preparedness & Response Plan

(Updated 12/16/20)

Key Food Safety Protocols

  1. Follow established food safety guidelines for storage, preparation and service for time/temp control and preventing cross contamination. Always Clean, Separate, Cook, and Chill.
  2. Wash, rinse and sanitize food contact surfaces, frequently touched surfaces, menus, touch pads, tools and equipment, floors and counters.
  3. Prepare and use approved sanitizers according to label instructions.
  4. Eliminate all self-service operations and condiment sharing.
  5. Enforce diligent and proper handwashing and post handwashing signs.

Cleaning Procedures for Kitchen and Front-of-the-House

  1. Enforce cleaning schedules and cleaning checklists
  2. Disinfect high contact areas according to schedule or after use by guest
  3. Post cleaning protocols and schedule
  4. Disinfect menus after each use and/or use disposable, digital or chalkboard menus
  5. Set up hand sanitizing stations at entry and tables

Infection Control

  1. Prohibit gatherings of any size in which people cannot maintain six feet of distance
  2. Provide visual reinforcements for six feet social distancing
  3. Limit capacity
  4. Limit in-person interaction to the maximum extent possible
  5. Restrict the number of workers present on premise to no more than is strictly necessary to perform the in-person work permitted under the exec. order
  6. Screen staff daily
  7. Prohibit sick employees from entering the establishment and send home an employee who may develop symptoms during work.
  8. Follow protocol if an employee has Covid-19 symptoms ,tests positive, or discovers they have been exposed
  9. Designate one or more on-site supervisors to implement, monitor and report on Covid-19 control strategies.
  10. Provide face masks and gloves to staff and enforce proper use.
  11. Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth, and electronic devices
  12. Require face masks for guests until seated at a dining table.
  13. Follow Michigan executive order #36 protecting employees rights
  14. Customer health screening
  15. Establish designated pick-up zones for customers to maintain social distancing
  16. Offer remote ordering with no touch payment and pick-up
  17. Empower staff to handle potential issues with health screenings or customer concerns.
  18. Post customer health screening at entrance of the building
  19. Notice to suppliers/vendors
  20. Prohibit guests from bringing in pets (except service animals)
  21. Offices and computers cleaned and sanitized
  22. Re-hire and ongoing training
  23. Encourage staff to use PPE and hand sanitizer on public transportation
  24. Adopt any additional infection-control measures as necessary

Basic Handwashing Procedures

  • Step 1: Wet hands and arms using warm running water
  • Step 2: Apply soap, using enough to build up a good lather
  • Step 3: Scrub hands, arms, between fingers and under fingernails vigorously for 20 seconds.
  • Step 4: Rinse hands and arms thoroughly using running water
  • Step 5: Dry hands and arms using single-use paper towel
  • Step 6: Use a paper towel to turn off the faucet

Outdoor Gathering

Wineguys Restaurant Group establishments will operate in compliance with the State of Michigan “Gatherings and Fask Masks Order”  which states: “Outdoor dining at a food service establishment is permitted provided persons are seated no more than 6 to a table and tables are spaced at least 6 feet apart. A permitted outdoor food service establishment setting also includes a single household dining inside an igloo, hut, or other small, enclosed space, provided that employees enter fleetingly or not at all. Representatives of food service establishments wishing to explore options like these should ensure compliance with any applicable local regulations.”

In summary, Wineguys Restaurant Group outdoor dining will:

  • Allow seating for gatherings of no more than 6 to a table or igloo from a single household
  • Sanitize igloos and outdoor spaces between guests
  • Require staff to take food/drink orders, serve and bus tables in a fleeting manner


For more information about State of Michigan executive orders related to food service during the Covid-19 pandemic, visit

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