A Nod to Prohibition: City Park Grill Releases Commemorative Libations

22 Feb

A Nod to Prohibition: City Park Grill Releases Commemorative Libations

It’s Fun to be Legal: Celebrate the End of Prohibition with Some Speakeasy-inspired Libations at City Park Grill.

Things we don’t miss about Prohibition:

    • No dark alleys or dusty tunnels:
      Feel free to come in the front.
    • No secret password:
      Everyone is welcome.
    • No menacing tough guy watching the door:
      Our hosts are always amiable.
    • No sketchy provenance:
      Our spirits are the best available, at all price points, and very, very legal.

Sure, the history and legends of prohibition are exciting—the edgy daring of it all—but, really, isn’t it much easier to just come visit City Park Grill and have a handcrafted cocktail made up especially for you? The spirits are the best available, made the proper way, not in someone’s uncle’s bathtub. The mixes are fresh and light, and are meant to enhance, not hide, the flavor of the spirit. Plus, the presentation is appealing to the senses. (You can drink out of a teacup if you’d like, but really, there’s no need.)

City Park Grill, with its active role in Petoskey’s Prohibition era, lends authenticity to the celebration, but also transcends it with sophisticated American and regional cuisine, substantial pub fare, and an enviable collection of wines, beers, and spirits. Join us, won’t you, as we tip our glasses to the 21st Amendment!

Find City Park Grill online at or by calling 231.347.0101. For more about Wineguys Restaurant Group, visit City Park Grill is located at 432 E. Lake Street, downtown Petoskey.


  • Rum Scoundrel — bacardi silver rum, fresh lime juice, brown sugar simple syrup
  • White Lady — beefeater gin, cointreau, fresh lemon juice
  • Jack Rose — apple brandy,  grenadine, fresh lemon juice
  • Ward 8 — bulleit rye whiskey, orange juice, lemon juice, grenadine


NORTHERN EXPRESS media coverage link.



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