Roast & Toast Attends Specialty Coffee Expo

13 May

Roast & Toast Attends Specialty Coffee Expo

Roast & Toast Elevates Coffee Experience after Attending Specialty Coffee Expo in Chicago


Petoskey, MI — May 2024 — Roast & Toast, a beloved coffee destination in Petoskey, Michigan, recently fortified its commitment to excellence by participating in the Specialty Coffee Expo (SCE) held in Chicago this April. The event served as a platform for Roast & Toast‘s partners and team members to immerse themselves in the latest trends and innovations within the coffee industry.

Ben Walker, General Manager and Partner at Roast & Toast, along with fellow partner Joe Keedy, accompanied by dedicated colleagues Joyce Stevens and Melissa Cannon, delved into a comprehensive exploration of the expo. Ben connected with fellow coffee enthusiasts, sharing stories and insights over endless cups of java. He also sat down with one of Roast & Toast’s respected coffee importers, gaining “valuable insights into the journey our beans take from farm to cup,” Ben explains. “And, I was able to chat with one of the farmers responsible for the beans we’ve been raving about lately, reinforcing our commitment to quality and direct relationships within the coffee community.”

Roast & Toast Colleague Melissa Cannon at the Specialty Coffee Expo in Chicago

Reflecting on the experience, Melissa shared, “We were not just browsing exhibits; we were on a mission to enhance the Roast & Toast coffee experience.” Melissa’s engagement at the Cupping Exchange workshop offered invaluable insights similar to wine tasting, but tailored to coffee. “Understanding aromas, acidity and flavor profiles is pivotal in articulating our coffee offerings effectively,” she added, highlighting the workshop’s significance in refining Roast & Toast’s coffee descriptions.

Additionally, Melissa honed her skills with a latte art course, emphasizing the importance of patience and practice in crafting unique designs—a skill she aims to share with her peers at Roast & Toast.

Joyce, on the other hand, seized the opportunity to bolster her managerial prowess at a leadership workshop, poised to benefit Roast & Toast’s McLaren Medical Building location. Her key takeaways from the membership lecture she attended will also help to expand Roast & Toast’s coffee-of-the-month subscription program, catering to fellow coffee aficionados.

The Specialty Coffee Expo, renowned for being a comprehensive platform for coffee professionals, aligns seamlessly with Roast & Toast’s ethos of continuous improvement and innovation. According to Ben, “Participating in events like SCE underscores the importance of continuing education and team bonding. It empowers us to stay ahead of industry trends and deliver unparalleled experiences to our guests, both loyal locals and visitors alike.”

The SCE, as described by, caters to a diverse audience, offering a multifaceted experience encompassing networking opportunities, educational workshops, and exposure to cutting-edge coffee products.

For Roast & Toast, the SCE wasn’t merely an event; it was a catalyst for elevating their craft and enriching the coffee culture in Petoskey.

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ABOUT ROAST & TOAST: Roast & Toast has been roasting and brewing some of the finest coffee since 1993, embracing the SCA philosophy that “great coffee doesn’t just happen.” Using carefully select beans from around the world, adjusting for each bean profile, creating blends, and conducting small batch techniques to maintain a selection of freshly roasted varieties. Roast & Toast is a favored coffee destination in the heart Petoskey’s Gaslight District, known for its commitment to quality, community and coffee culture. With a passion for excellence and a dedication to continuous improvement, Roast & Toast offers a diverse range of specialty coffees and curated experiences to delight coffee enthusiasts.

Roast & Toast is part of the Wineguys Restaurant Group family of eateries and catering with sister restaurants City Park Grill and Palette Bistro in Petoskey, and Jax Northside in Charlevoix. Visit for information, employment opportunities, and individual restaurant links.

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