Summertime Dining Tips: You’ve Made Us What We Are: Now, Let Us Return the Favor.

20 Jul

Summertime Dining Tips: You’ve Made Us What We Are: Now, Let Us Return the Favor.

Our patrons have been nothing if not loyal, and the support has helped us grow and thrive. When we opened our first restaurant in 1993, we never imagined what the future would hold for us; but, here we are three successful restaurants later, and we are forever grateful.

Successful growth and popularity, however, can cause challenges for our loyal locals and seasonal friends during summer months. So, we put our heads together to come up with some high-season tips to smooth the way for those who visit us all year, as well as those seasonal folks who make a point of coming in when they are visiting the area. FOR THE SKINNY, READ ON.

Reach Out, and Let Us Know How We Can Serve You.  

We can’t make guarantees, but we will make the extra effort to honor your request.

Palette Bistro: Yes, It Gets a Bit Busy.

Who knew we would be serving around 300 patrons nightly during high season? Sure, we set high standards, but we didn’t realize that we’d end up as a regional fav.  (Thank you, MyNorth and Petoskey News-Review readers for your “best” votes!) We love having you at Palette Bistro, and we want you to have a memorable evening every time you visit. Let us know via reservation when you will be coming, and tell us ahead of time if you have any special request. Need a quiet spot? We’ll do our best to tuck you into a cozy space. Hosting dear friends from out of town? Give us a head’s up and we’ll be on high alert. Looking forward to a particular vintage? If we know ahead of time, it’ll be ready and waiting. Just give us a call (231.348.3321), explain the situation, and we’ll get the team in gear to honor your request.

Roast & Toast: Call Anytime. We’re Happy to Hear from You!

In a rush? No place to park? And, craving a large cup of your favorite house-roasted java? Place your order online or phone it in (231.347.7767), and we’ll meet you at our sidewalk window. Plus, you can save time by having a prepaid Cappuccino or Coffee Card.

City Park Grill: She Came in Through the Bathroom Window. (Not really.)

As you know, reservations are always suggested for dinner at City Park Grill, but you can also let us know ahead of time if you’re coming in for lunch. Plus, you can fine-tune your experience by sneaking in—not through the window, please—but during the most opportune windows of time: 11am – 12pm and 2 – 4pm. Think of it this way: an earlier lunch, by even a few minutes, delivers a knock-out punch to the mid-morning slump, and a finely crafted 4pm cocktail with a delicious app can segue right into the 5pm dinner hour. And, if it’s a quiet space you crave, you’ll have first dibs on a great table. This is doable, and we’re ready to make it happen!

For more information about Wineguys Restaurant Group, visit or call 231. 347-0101.

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