The Best Biscuits In America Can Be Found In Small Town Michigan

26 Feb

The Best Biscuits In America Can Be Found In Small Town Michigan

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Is there anything better than a warm, wonderfully prepared biscuit? We think not. While many of America’s tastiest biscuits can be found throughout the Southern states, we can’t help but brag about the fresh-baked option available at one Michigan eatery. We might be biased, but we think the biscuits from this Great Lakes State restaurant are well worth venturing northward for.

City Park Grill is located at 432 E Lake St in Petoskey.

This fantastic spot, which sits within one of Michigan’s most charming small towns, is the perfect place to drop by when hunger strikes after a day of sightseeing.

The restaurant is situated in one of Petoskey’s oldest buildings, originally constructed in 1875. Durings its earlier days as a saloon, Ernest Hemingway even spent time here.

Today, City Park Grill maintains a reputation of excellence among locals and tourists alike. As soon as you set foot inside, you’ll feel like you’ve taken a step back in time.

While everything on the menu is fantastic, there’s one item here that steals the show. Upon sitting down, you’ll be presented with an order of freshly baked biscuits.

That’s right: as you make your entree selections, take a few minutes to indulge in the buttery, flaky, incredibly delicious flavors of a perfectly baked biscuit.

Upon ordering your main course, which might range from whitefish to a biscuit sandwich, be sure request additional biscuits for the table. Talk about tasty!

By the time your meal at this Victorian-inspired restaurant is through, you’ll feel as if you’ve discovered a hidden gem. History, service, and biscuits: what’s not to love?

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